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Welcome to the Mindlands. 

Scroll over the map above to choose where to go!


I'm Ujwal Mantha and I'm an interdisciplinary artist, researcher, and graphic designer currently based in Toronto, Canada. 

This here is my website and I'd like to think that it has something for everyone. If you're here to look at my art then I suggest you head on over to the Gallery. If you'd like to look at the services I offer then you can find them listed at the Guild. If you're into short stories, poems, and other odd attempts at literature, you might be interested in the Library. If you'd like to buy something, then there's always the Market (Which isn't open yet). If you would like to get in touch with me to discuss a collaboration, ask a question, or simply say hi then shoot me an email through the Mailbox.

Once again, welcome to my Mindlands, I hope you enjoy your stay.

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